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  • Upgrade Link document operation with a destination and type parameters.
  • Service to link document for a new type parameter and destiny.
  • Include checkbox in edit DocumentType > Workflows tab to select the default workflows for the document type.
  • Set Skin Application title in the Login page.
  • Chained and MultiChained Vocabularies as metadata type.
  • Set flags to hide links and logo for customers.
  • Clone operation for Schemas.
  • Check Vocabulary duplicate keys.
  • Add enabled tabs (VIEW_SUMMARY), used to show Summary tab for Folderish (facet) document types.
  • Fixed link labels between task in workflow clone operation.
  • Add designer to define your Schema layout.
  • Change order of Properties into Schemas.
  • No lifecycle transition available for no "Automatic task".
  • Add lifecycle state field into generated filter for Searches.
  • Fix Application clone "Make a copy" for a no own application.
  • Add Dynamic values for Properties based in other sibling properties and EL expressions.
  • Login Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF/XSRF) supported.
  • Schemas into DocumentType are able to be sorted.
  • Add new Tab information into Schema Designer to show the schema in a new TAB.
  • Fix double load component listing to sort by column. (https://github.com/lorenzofox3/Smart-Table/issues/329)
  • Dashboard panels in Listing and Views zone.
  • Button into Schema list to generate Layouts.
  • Actions in Listing and Views zone to manage Actions and links.
  • Automation Chains in Advanced zone to manage Automation chains.
  • Control of layout generations managing last modification dates.
  • Select a globalsearch in a Searches to search in all document types.
  • Schemas are able to get a XHTML template for a property
  • Manage columns into Dashboard panels.
  • Add show rules for schemas and properties.
  • Generate ZIP or install control.
  • Toggleable tasks.
  • Selectable vocabulary order field .
  • Date format for datetime widget using default locale.
  • Refresh field in schema property used to reRender layouts when it changes.
  • View DocumentType with his schemas and metadata.
  • New property type "referencedBy" used to reference an other schema property.
  • Custom searches. Select filter properties and columns.

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