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In addition to the internal publication of content, Athento allows you to publish documents and make them available for external people who doesn't have access to the platform.
For example, clients with no user and password in Athento, with whom you want to share documentation for a limited period of time. This feature allows you to publish a ink from where external users will be able to download documents.

Sharing Documents

To share documents with external users, create an Easy Share folder within a workspace or folder. Use the button "New" and select the document type Easy Share folder.

 Then, complete the form in order to create a new Easy Share Folder:

  • Expiration Date: The link to download the documents will only be available until this date.
  • Description: A description of the Easy Share folder. This descriptin will not be visible to external users.
  • Share Comment: This comment will be visible from the web page created to share the documents.
  • Contact Email: Your email address. This email address will be shown on the web page created to share the documents.

A new Easy Share folder will be created after clicking on the Create button.

Drag and drop the documents that you want to share. You can also copy and paste documents that are already on Athento.

In order to send the link to external users, use the button "Copy the Public URL" to copy the URL from where users will be able to download the documents.

You also can use the button "Send by email" to email the link to an user.

From the URL, external users will be able to download the documents without logging in to Athento.

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